Today we will be showing you our VALVE DEPARTMENT, one of the flagships of the OMT Group.

All production is carried out in-house, allowing total control over construction of the components, from the design to testing.

This means we can act quickly and test the product during every stage of the process in order to meet the customer’s specifications.


We take meticulous care of every component, from design through to production, to ensure we offer solutions that are perfectly suited to every type of working environment.

Our new department is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and offers all the advantages of an Industry 4.0 production system, with interconnected machines that communicate with each other to carry out very precise, automated processes.

The production system reaps the greatest benefit; it is now more efficient, more productive, and better equipped to meet the needs of a market which is always in search of quick solutions and competitive prices.

After the production and assembly processes, the interconnected machines also pack the cartridges and filters, heat-sealing the packages to protect the contents from atmospheric agents.

We never tire of saying this: for us at the OMT Group, “Trust it” has real meaning.

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