Did you know that some of our customers install our accumulators on cruise ships?

I do not want to talk about technical aspects now, if you’re interested in the technical side, please click here.

I would just like to express the great satisfaction we feel when our hard work and commitment pays off with the creation of complex structures that improve people’s lives.

It is an honour for us that our products are used on these boats that are always at the forefront of technology.

We don’t care that no-one thinks about accumulators when they are on a cruise (well, why should they!): but we do care to know that we have done the best job possible, and that people know they can trust us to do a job well.

Accumulators on a cruise ship are in fact used to lower the lifeboats smoothly, without oscillations or jolts, in any condition.

They are therefore essential for normal disembarkation in port but also, and above all, for emergency situations.

We like the idea that our products travel the world guaranteeing safety for people who simply wish to enjoy themselves.

We also like to think that, at the time of need, our products can be used to help.

And cruise ships are just one example among many: our accumulators can also be found in the context of agricultural, construction, forestry, mining and lifting machinery, as well as industrial presses and urban cleaning equipment.

These are all areas to which we are proud to contribute, offering new solutions to improve the existing state of things and designing projects tailored to specific needs.

If you would like to know more, or need a customized project to better deal with a certain situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.