Our very essence

Whatever their particular sector or target audience, companies are now needing to change their method of communication; or if they lack such a strategy, they are now having to adopt one.

For us, this is just another challenge that we’re happy to face.

Today’s communication is not simply about showcasing products and services; it involves telling people something about yourself, while also listening to the voices of customers, suppliers and collaborators.

That’s why we decided to create OMTY.

OMTY is more than just a mascot; he’s a brand new character, embodying the very essence of OMT Group.

He represents an open and honest way of working, with a focus on always providing reliable products and services.

OMTY embodies certain values and virtues, but he also has a little touch of human frailty.

So, he’s certainly not perfect, and can make mistakes like the best of us, but he’s always quick to correct whatever’s gone wrong. 

He’ll give voice to our company through his stories, which we hope you’ll find engaging and enjoyable.

Here is his first adventure