Trust it. It’s a promise

Among our latest news – and yes, much has been going on – is the choice of our new payoff. The payoff is that very short phrase placed under the logo that expresses its identity.

Of the many possibilities on the table, we eventually opted for the simplest but also the most incisive of all in conveying our DNA.

We also wanted it to be an appeal for all our collaborators to share mutual trust and a sense of belonging. This is what we decided on:


Why did we choose it?

First of all because it is short and punchy, but above all because it is an appeal powerfully summing up meanings and values.

We believe it conveys the value that best represents us, the one we focus on most: reliability.

Trust it suggests the reliability of our production processes, Trust it means reliability in design, production, deliveries, being on hand when things go wrong.

Of course it is also means a great commitment. We work hard to justify our claim, giving our best even when we make some inevitable errors along the way.

Here is the advertising page announcing the new payoff.

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